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Rachid Benharrousse is a Doctoral Candidate at Mohammed V University in Rabat and the Research Director at the Palah Light Lab at The New School & University at Buffalo. He is the Don Lavoie Fellow at Mercatus Center, George Mason University. He was an Early Career Researcher at the Association of Middle Eastern Women's Studies (AMEWS), and a Researcher of Digital Studies at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. Benharrousse was an Early Career Researcher at the African Academy for Migration Research (AAMR) at the University of Witwatersrand, a Researcher at the Palah Light Lab at the University at Buffalo, SUNY, and a Research Collaborator at the Paris Institute for Critical Thinking (PICT). 

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Mohammed V University in Rabat
Concentrations: Migration, Literature, Cultural Studies
Dissertation Title: They Cannot Not Exit: Irregular Emigration, Clandestinity, and Necropolitics in Contemporary Maghrebian Novels
Dissertation Advisor: Jamal Bahmad, Ph.D.
Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University
Concentrations: Migration, Cultural Studies, Literature, Feminism
Thesis Title: Diasporic Hominess Deconstructed: Memory and Space in L. Lalami’s The Other Americans and Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits
Thesis Advisor: Mimoune Daoudi, Ph.D.
Ibn Zohr University
Concentrations: Literature, Cultural Studies, and New Media Studies
Monograph Title: Print Poetry’s Boundaries: Electronic Literature through Interactivity and the Reader
Monograph Advisor: Lahoucine Hamdoune, Ph.D.


Don Lavoie Fellow
Mercatus Center, George Mason University, 2023-2024
Research Director
Palah Light Lab, The New School & University at Buffalo, 2023-Present
Research Fellow
African Academy for Migration Research, University of Witwatersrand, 2021-2022
Researcher & Participant
Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University & Digital Asia Hub, 2021
Early Career Researcher
Association of Middle Eastern Women’s Studies, 2021
Paris Institute for Critical Thinking, 2021
Palah Light Lab & Amatryx Research Center, University at Buffalo, 2020-2022


Benharrousse, R. (2022). “Beyond the Reader, Towards the Player: Reconceptualizing the Reader-Response Theory through Video-Games.” J-Lalite: Journal of English Studies, 3(2), 154-64. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.20884/1.jes.2022.3.2.6945.

Benharrousse, R. (2021). “The Mystical, Chaotic, and Atemporal: Neocolonial Literature in Moroccan Secondary Education.” Artha: Journal of Social Sciences, 20(2), 1-18. Retrieved from https://doi: 10.12724/ajss.57.6.

Benharrousse, R. (2021). “Review of Moroccan Cinema Uncut: Decentralized Voice, Transnational Perspectives.” Hespéris-Tamuda, 56(1), 555-558.

Benharrousse, R. (2020). “Against the Homeland: Popular Exilic Antagonism through “Azzouz is Mad”.” Runas. Journal of Education and Culture, 1(1), 57-65. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.46652/runas.v1i1.6.

Benharrousse, R. (2020). “The Dilapidated Prefix: Beyond Postcolonialism’s ‘Post’ and Towards the Process.” In Post-colonial Praxis: Ramifications and Intricacies. (Mumbai: Notion Press, 2020). p. 36-57.

Benharrousse, R. (2020). “Towards Sexual Education: Moroccan Youth’s Perception Between Globality and Islam.” Pacha. Journal of Contemporary Studies of the Global South, 1(3), 26-38. Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.46652/pacha.v1i3.34.

Benharrousse, R. (2019). “Reverse Chauvinism: Women in M. Ba’s So Long a Letter and O. Sembene’s XALA.” Euro Afro Studies International Journal, 2(1), 70-80. Retrieved from http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3569771.

Benharrousse, R. (2019). Digital Poetry and the Transcendence of Print Poetry’s Boundaries: Interactivity and the Reader. Munich, Germany: Verlag Publications.

Under Review

Benharrousse, R. (2023). Aicha: Marriage and Resistance of Moroccan Women in Popular Culture and Cinema.

Benharrousse, R. (2023). Morocco as Inherently Patriarchic: Space, (Mis)representation, and Emigration in Najat El Hachmi’s The Last Patriarch.

Benharrousse, R. (2023). Home in Triad: Structuring Home through Memor(ies) in Laila Lalami’s The Other Americans.


Benharrousse, R. (2022). "Immigrant Bodies between Autoimmunity and Biopolitics through Roberto Esposito." Paper presented as a part of the ImmUnity and CommUnity Conference at Ibn Zohr University.

Benharrousse, R. (12-17/09/2022). “Between Death Worlds and Necropower: Harraga through Maghrebian Youth’s Perceptions.” Paper presented at Deutscher Orientalistentag, Berlin, Germany. (Remote).

Benharrousse, R. (2022). “The Character Between Reality and Fiction: Social Realism in Maghrebian Literature.” The Olive Writers Association organized this Lecture in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation at American Arts Center.

Benharrousse, R. (2021). “Electronic Literature and the Question of Language.” This Distinguished Lecture was presented at the Media Studies Department, University of Buffalo. (Remote)

Benharrousse, R. (2021). “Digital Literature in the MENA region: futures and challenges.” Dr. Margaret Rhee organized this workshop at the Media Studies Department, University of Buffalo. (Remote).

Benharrousse, R. (2020). “Literature and Humor in the Moroccan Context.” This Lecture was presented at the Department of English Studies, University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah.

Benharrousse, R. (2018). “Digital Poetry in the Arab World.” This Presentation was delivered to Dar America Casablanca at the University of Ibn Zohr, Ait Melloul Campus.

Benharrousse, R. (2017). “Moroccan Poetry and the Importance of Literature.” This Presentation was delivered at the University of Ibn Zohr, Ait Melloul Campus.

Awards  &  Certificates

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate (Teacher Records, 2023).

African Academy for Migration Research (AAMR) (ECR Ph.D.  Award, 2021).

Dar America Casablanca & Ait Melloul Campus Research Award (Monograph Award, 2018).


Creative Writing: I write poetry and short stories in English.

E-writing on Twine: I am using SugarCube 2 to translate ideas.

Photography: I do B&W photography on everyday Morocco.

Reading: anything is devoured!

Gaming: I game as field-work in the literary.

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